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Kate Michels supports entrepreneurs, executives and leaders in 13 countries and counting, including China, Australia, Mexico, Canada and America. Here are just a handful of the miracles that happened:

Dr. Matt Flory, Founder of Functional Health Team
For over 18 years Dr. Flory has identified and implemented natural methods, nutritional remedies and lifestyle modifications that offer safe, effective and clinically-proven ways of regaining health, function and quality of life. After learning about Core Alignment Coaching he began working in the process personally and applying the principles to create even more impactful patient outcomes. This led him to found Functional Health Team, “Patient-powered Healthcare.”

Visit this revolutionary concept in the practice of health and wellness at: https://functionalhealthteam.com

Sue Girak, PhD, Artist and Teacher
More than 60 hours of conversations with Kate Michels led Sue Girak from a Bachelor’s degree to a Masters, then a Doctorate and more. Recently Sue emailed Kate, “Why do I keep talking with you?  The miracles keep happening.  Can you believe it, but out of the blue today, I was invited to teach an intensive training course in Singapore?

Sue is a contemporary artist and teacher interested in the creative reuse of salvaged materials. Her study arose from the desire to develop a more sustainable practice and was supported by her interest in REmida WA and its philosophy of creative reuse. Sue was part of Wearable Art Mandurah’s judging panel in 2015 and is one of six invited artists Australia wide to be part of the 2018 progressive garment collaboration.

In 2014 Sue exhibited in a solo exhibition forget me not, Spectrum Project Space – ECU, showcasing several garments made from discarded materials. See more of Sue’s art.

Kerry Hilderman RMT, co-owner and founder of Britannia Bodywork & Wellness Centre in Calgary, Alberta
Kerry and his wife Lynne have worked with Kate Michels for many years now, working on function, efficiency and simplicity in Business, Relationship and Family life. In the process, Britannia Bodywork & Wellness Centre has become a solid, consistent and reputable part of the Wellness Industry and the community it serves.

Kerry assists clients who have been in chronic pain and discomfort, helping them gain clarity, fluidity and function in Mind, Body and Spirit. He has been working in the wellness industry for over 35 years, studying and practicing a variety of modalities such as Massage Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Active Release Therapy and a variety of other techniques. Consistent learning and growth is what brought him to Core Alignment Coaching and Emotional Wisdom Training.

Britannia Bodywork & Wellness Centre has grown organically based on the values that Lynne and Kerry aspire to without compromising themselves. The principals and practices of Core Alignment Coaching and Emotional Wisdom Training are such a strong part of their life and business that it is now being offered not only to staff and clients, but to other practitioners as well. They are inspiring others to know what is truly important to them and ways to continue to move towards what it is they really want.

“We believe that work life can be balanced with family and relationship and be enjoyable, creative and fun, while giving back to the community, and is transformational for those with whom we come in contact.” – Kerry Hilderman

View the Britannia BodyWork and Wellness Centre website.

Elco Garcia, Entrepreneur, and Industrial Engineer
Elco Garcia considers Emotional Wisdom Training and Core Alignment Coaching to be essential to his personal development. Beyond his life as an entrepreneur and industrial engineer, he is an adventure seeker and world traveler, constantly learning new and interesting things, whether it’s in the field of design or home winemaking. He recently posted a note to Kate on his Facebook page, “…thanks for being my coach and always supporting me.”

Find out more about Elco Garcia

Tom Bennett – Musician
Tom and Kate are aligned in the message that we all can do what we want, be happy and be successful. Tom is on a mission to share that message with the world. After years of depression he got off the beaten path and began showing the way for others through the Tom Bennett Band. The band is a keyboard-fronted trio from Jacksonville, Florida whose roots grew from the golden era of ‘70s progressive rock. They have been playing the Southeast region of the United States for many years, building a steady, dedicated following after the release of their first album “Piece of HeavenTom has been featured in Folio magazine and is the winner of the 2015 Songwriter Showcases of America’s Musician of the Year Award.

Check out Tom’s Facebook page.

Client Testimonials:

Before working with Kate our business was a scattered chaotic mash of dreams and vision. We had no idea how to provide, respond and create what we were looking to acheive. We have been in business for over 25 years and had never had help. I was pulling my hair out, I had no idea which direction to go. Something had to change. With the kean awareness of Kate and her vast experience we now see our business as a journey not a destination. We have learned and continue to grow. We have weathered many storms. We now have the resources to enhance and refine what is already there. Fine tuning what we already know. As it changes we have the suport and the knowing that we are in total alignment with our vision, our message and as our missions show up we are able to offer our gifts in a smoother way. We are deeply grateful for the guidance and inspiration. Thank you Kate! Lynne Hilderman

Kate is really really skilled and know what she’s doing, she’s focused, goes direct to the point and knows how to make miracles happen in your life. Elco Garcia