Core Alignment Coaching/Emotional Wisdom Training Australia Retreat

Save the Date: July 20-30, 2018

Core Alignment Coaching/Emotional Wisdom Training Retreat

10 days in Adelaide and Calca, South Australia

Shade of Blue Eco Retreat

One day city tour of Adelaide and Barrossa Wine Valley, two 1-day tours from Adelaide to Calca on the Eyre Peninsula—with an overnight farm stay at Port Germein in the Southern Flinders Ranges, a 3-day intensive CAC and EWT training with founder Kate Michels, two days of professional capacity building and networking, one day return trip to Adelaide via Port Lincoln, last overnight in Adelaide, final day in Adelaide with opportunity to present to the public with Kate Michels. Rest, rejuvenation, creative outlets and recreation throughout! Coordinator: Bahia Yackzan or (207) 812-6569.

7 days and 7 nights in Calca’s


We are very fortunate to have Kate Michels’ skillful leadership and training abilities and access to an amazing place on the planet for the intensive training and coaching time together at a very reasonable rate. The 3-day intensive training is designed to maximize our capacity building as a group and to strengthen our individual practices. You will gain a solid foundation and review of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Emotional Wisdom Training. 

Opportunities to coach and be coached and to “pitch” our specialty areas are structured in. We will be based in a comfortable, environmentally-friendly house on a bay with panoramic views where we can work and play. Creative, expressive activities as well as an alternative healing modality are in the works. Exercise outlets and communing with nature will be just outside the door: beach-walking, kayaking or perhaps paddle boarding with a buddy. Plenty of time will be allowed to rest and rejuvenate. Clarity will sharpen, talents will expand, and CVs will beam brighter.

Shades of Blue Eco Retreat Living Room with Water Front viewThe total 10-day event will be content-filled and will start and wrap up in the vibrant city of Adelaide.

Space is limited!

Cost $2,400US.

Included in the $2,400:

  • Kate Michels’ 3-day Intensive Core Alignment Coaching and Emotional Wisdom Training
  • 2 nights in an Adelaide hotel (one prior to the Shades of Blue Eco Retreat in Calca and one after)
  • 2 alternate private bus tours from Adelaide to Calca (via Clare Valley one way, via Port Lincoln on return)
  • Free overnight stay at a farm en route to Calca at Port Germein
  • 7 nights at the Shades of Blue Eco Retreat house on a bay
  • Coaching practice, networking and business building strategies
  • 7 days’ breakfasts and lunches, 5 shared-cooking dinners, 2 catered dinners and/or restaurant options in Streaky Bay, 38km from Calca
  • Access to vehicle for jaunts, seating 5 at a time
  • Public forum speaking, and perhaps a service opportunity to follow training
  • Free international press, professional exposure and invaluable experience




What is NOT included: your domestic travel and international round-trip ticket to and from Adelaide, nor food or drinks in Adelaide or en route to Calca and back. (Only food in Calca house is covered.)

TO REGISTER: contact Coordinator/Facilitator Bahia Yackzan (207) 812-6569, Installments may be arranged with Bahia. $600 deposit due March 30th.