Kate Michels on Breast Friends Cancer Support Radio Network

Breast Friends Cancer Support Radio NetworkEmotional Wisdom Training and Cancer

Kate believes, using Emotional Wisdom Training supported her body, mind and spirit through the seven years of an intensive healing process stemming from a misdiagnosis and culminating with cancer…then miracles began to happen. She recognized that cancer was one of the ways her body used to communicate.

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The EWT Radio Show airs every Friday afternoon at 1:00 to 1:50 p.m. EST on W4CY.com. Every week we explore the Spincycles of Everday Living, so tune in for the live broadcast, and phone in, or chat online with your host, Kate Michels.

Listed below are some amazing podcasts. If you’re looking for more listen to the EWT Radio Show’s most recent episodes on iHeartRadio.

Emotional Wisdom Training that makes us and our neighbors more resourceful.  Spin cycles are affecting us so let’s consider doing more with the information we gather.

Kate Michels is the founder of Core Alignment Coaching and Emotional Wisdom Training. She is a best-selling author and motivational speaker, an internationally recognized coach of coaches with clients in thirteen countries and counting.

Here is what some guests of the show have shared:

“The best interview I ever did”

“That was a blast hope it was everything you wanted too”

“Interviews make me really nervous that really didn’t feel like an interview”

“I was honored to be your guest and feel so comfortable with you, would you mind writing a forward for my up coming book?”

“When can I come back?”

“I can’t believe how much I got from that interview with you and even more as I re-listened to it.  I learned more about me and all I have been doing.”


 Below are some podcasts of the amazing guests that have appeared on the show.

Jason Kendrick, Author of It’s Not Your Life, It’s You, on Emotional Wisdom Training Show

Jason Kendrick

Jason and I are connected through our commitment to gathering more information from their core to make more resourceful choices.

Learn more about the 4 levels of learning and 4 personality types and even more about living more 4 you.


Author Eileen Doyon of Unforgettable Faces and Stories on EWT Radio

Eileen Doyon

Eileen and I are connected through knowing that sharing our stories makes a difference for us and for others.



Emotional Wisdom Training Radio Welcomes Nicholas Coolridge, Modern Tarzan
Nicholas Coolridge

Nicholas Coolridge and Kate Michels of Core Alignment Coaching are aligned in their recognition that each and every one of us has super hero powers.

Listen Here!



Dr. Trevor Cates’ 21 Day Healthy Habits Challenge on Emotional Wisdom Training Radio

dr. trevor cates

Dr. Cates and Kate Michels of Core Alignment Coaching are aligned in their desire to see people respond more wisely versus reacting emotionally. Dr. Cates is the preferred naturopathic physician for the Waldorf Astoria Park City Spa.

Dr. Matt Flory, Living In Whole Health Aligned from the Core on Emotional Wisdom Training Radio

Dr. Matt Flory

Dr. Flory and Kate Michels of Core Alignment Coaching are aligned in their commitment to physical and emotional wellbeing for people from the core. Dr. Flory specializes primarily in Quantum Spinal Mechanics (QSM3) and Functional Medicine.

Marcia Wieder, Nationally Recognized Leader, Author and TV Host, on EWT

marcia wieder

Marcia Wieder, and Kate Michels of Core Alignment Coaching are aligned in people knowing the meaning of their lives by gathering more information and choosing paths for transformation.

Founder of ELIXIR LAB on EWT Radio Show


Elixer, and Kate Michels of Core Alignment Coaching are aligned in supporting people in discovering more of their core selves and being in a position of awareness and acceptance of all that we truly are.

Roaring River Press CEO Shares Her Bio with Emotional Wisdom Training’s Audience

Linda Curatolo

Linda is CEO of Roaring River Press and takes care of almost all of my web and print needs, supporting the growth I imagined for my business, and working with many of the specialists coming out of my training programs.