Kate Michels’ “Ripples in the Water” appears in Choice Magazine

The ripple effect is miraculous and the changes are numerous. -Kate Michels

I’ve had the pleasure of writing another article for choice magazine. This issue of choice magazine addresses social responsibility through coaching, and in my article, I discuss the ripple effect that is set into motion with each conversation that you have with your clients. Here is an excerpt from my article that was accepted for publication in this special issue. Be sure to click on the link below to read the entire article.

The ripples go and on. This is a statement we are all familiar with and it is a great reminder that what we all do does really matter. It’s important as coaches to realize how far the ripples from a coaching session really are able to travel.

Think about the clients you have spoken to this week, over the last month, throughout the past year and (if applicable) clients you have worked with over many years. Now just pick one client – any one will do. Think about this client and consider the significance their sessions with you have made on the choices they have made in their life. Now expand this thought out to the pchoice magazine covereople that this client is in relationship with: their partner, children and close friends. Recognize how your client’s choices are impacting these people directly – so much so that it is almost as if those people are coaching with you, too. Move out a bit further to the extended relationships of your client, such as their co-workers and neighbors. Do you recognize how their coaching sessions with you and the changes they are making in their life are impacting these other people on a regular basis? (read the full article here)

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Align with More Health by Gathering More Information

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Kate Michels’ “Coaching is Ageless” appears in Choice Magazine

“Our clients are creators and artists with their own lives as their canvas, and we as coaches are there at their side to provide guidance, to shine a light from various angles and to spotlight specific areas.” – Kate Michels

choice magazine coverIt is always a pleasure to write for choice magazine and this issue is particularly interesting because it addresses generational concerns as related to coaching and being coached. It particularly focuses on the Millennials. Here is an excerpt from my article that was accepted for publication in this special issue. Be sure to click on the link below to read the entire article.

Eleven years ago, when I was two years into building my coaching practice, my 20-year-old daughter decided to become a life coach herself. The concept thrilled me and I knew it was a profession that would suit her talents and abilities well. The admissions people for the program she considered joining asked her age, then discouraged her by saying people might not be willing to hire someone so young since her experiences were limited. They then added perhaps there was a chance if she wanted to work with teenagers or preteens. This led her to believe that maybe when she was older she would have more to offer as a coach; thus her enthusiasm was quenched and she chose to move in a different career direction.

Was this the best advice to give a young person considering coach training? As a professional coach trainer now myself, I often reflect upon this moment and feel saddened at the limitations that were projected onto my daughter. In sharing this personal story, I ask you to truly consider the coaching profession as ageless. Coaching does not require us to have any personal experience to understand where clients are coming from or to support them in where they are going. (read full article here)

Published in, and reproduced with permission from, choice, the magazine of professional coaching http://www.choice-online.com> www.choice-online.com

As You Know, I Say That When We Gather More Information, We Make More Resourceful Choices.

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It’s Crazy Good to be Published in choice

The choice to be successful comes with gathering more information, and choice – the online magazine – is a great place to gather more information. When Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers and Howard Shultz decided to share their vision, message and mission with the world, many people, especially those closest to them, told them they were crazy.  These great business leaders liked being right, and I like being a little bit crazy. How about you? Latest article to be published in choice:

choice magazine coverCrazy is the Heart of the Matter
By Kate Michels, MCC, NLP

Business building is one of the most beneficial topics that choice Magazine offers its subscribers, and I am continually looking for a new way to communicate with business owners and coaches about how to build their businesses. Read more … 

“To really build your business you might be called crazy, look crazy, work like crazy and even be a bit crazy.”

I encourage anyone who is serious about their coaching career to subscribe to choice-online.

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Magazine Publishes Kate Michels’ Article on Real Change

The following excerpt is from a feature article by Kate Michels – “Real Changes Come, The science behind those ‘magical’ changes” – in the most recent publication of choice magazine.

Choice CoverDoes coaching change our brain? How many times have clients told you they feel better after a coaching session? It isn’t just that they feel better; they are in a very real sense functioning better and thus are actually better. During the coaching session there are neurons firing in their brain, in their heart and also in their gut, at their core that are creating internal shifts that make a lasting difference. The important thing for you as the coach to know is that this is real and is not just a feeling. When you share information with your clients such as the fact that neurons are firing and sparking new ideas you actually increase the reality of this occurrence. There have been scientific tests done to note the changes that occur as a person is going through transitioning questioning, and neuroscientists such as those at the Heart Math Institute have proven over and over again that there are physical changes occurring from shifting our thinking, so that the heart beats differently and the body functions at a higher level of efficiency. (To read the full article, visit choice today and become a subscriber.)

Published in, and reproduced with permission from, choice, the magazine of professional coaching www.choice-online.com

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Welcome to the global conversation!



Seven Steps to Hell and Back

Frank E. wiggins, Seven Steps To Hell and Back

Seven Steps to Hell and Back is one man’s story of events, incidents and accidents that created new beliefs and also attached to old beliefs. See, hear, feel and share the experiences of Frank E. Wiggins and learn the difference that these have made in his life, and the difference he has made in others’ lives.

Frank was only eighteen years old; he followed orders to the best of his ability and, at first, had no idea he was participating in top-secret, covert operations. The events of his seventh mission solidified his decision to refuse to participate in any more of these operations.

To this day, he is still reliving trauma that climaxed with his seventh mission in Cold War Germany. He continues to have nightmares, flashbacks, and triggers that only a combat veteran would understand.

Frank led a nomadic and restless life after the military. He had a death wish and had no fear. This journey led him to battle gang-infested parks in Los Angeles, California and the projects in Santa Fe, New Mexico, constantly putting his life in danger. Read the whole story in his book, Seven Steps to Hell and Back. 

Navigating your way along the path to success can be difficult. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was some device that could steer you from where you are to where you want to go?

As a bonus, see how the steps in the GPS, Goals and Proven Strategies For Success can make a difference in your life and how you can make a difference in other people’s lives. Recognize how Kate Michel’s “Five Steps to Success” brings light into hellish experiences.

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Aspire Magazine Interview – Extraordinary Woman

AspireMagazineAspire Magazine offers inspired resources for empowered women and I’ve been honored  to be an interview guest. I hope you’ll visit this beautiful digital magazine, jam-packed with wisdom, to listen to my interview. You can listen anytime, but why not visit them right now at Aspire Magazine.


Upcoming Radio Interview


Host, Lauran Star

I’m inviting you to tune in Monday, January 14 from 5:00-7:00 PM PST (8:00-10:00 PM EST) to hear me discuss Core Alignment with host Lauran Star on her radio show: “Empowering Women from Boardroom to BedroomTM” 

Are you frustrated about where you are at this stage in your life? Perhaps you’re experiencing negative feelings such as fear, doubt, regret or guilt. Join Lauran Star as she interviews Kate Michels, founder of Core Alignment Coaching, to discover how you can use core alignment to move from a state of worry to a state of wonder.

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